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  • Do you make cakes for celebrations?
    Unfortunately we no longer offer this service but we can recommend some great local producers who do provide cakes for special occasions. If you want a cake sent in the post for a special occasion, head over to The Gift of Cake, our online store.
  • Can I collect cakes or traybakes from you?
    As we no longer make custom cakes we can’t bake/decorate anything that differs from our existing range, but you're more than welcome to pop in and visit us in Kingsteignton and purchase anything you see on our website. Please phone ahead though to make sure we have stock.
  • Which areas of the UK do you deliver your cakes to?
    We're able to ship pallets throughout the UK. We also work with a number of foodservice wholesalers throughout the UK who stock and deliver Truly Treats products. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. If you want to buy a cake to send as a gift, head over to The Gift of Cake
  • I own a coffee shop, how do I order from you?"
    Find a list of our stockists below: South West - RD Johns, Caterfood, J&R Foods, Bako Western, Forest Produce, Bidfood and Panino Breads Bristol - Charles Saunders, Bako Western, RD Johns Midlands & The East - KingsBros, South Lincs Foodservice The North West - GC Birchall, JMP Foodservice The North East - Tyneside Foodservice Wales - Harlech Foodservice Jersey - La Collette Foodservice Isle of Man - Robinsons Foods Outside of the UK - Europ Foods
  • Do you have a minimum order?
    If you’re buying our cakes through a wholesaler please contact them for details on deliveries and minimum orders. If you want to receive a delivery from us directly, the mimimum order for free delivery is one mixed pallet. You can also order half a pallet and contribute towards the delivery cost. There's no minimum order if you want to collect from us.
  • How will my cakes be delivered?
    All our cakes, cupcakes, traybakes and scones are well packaged in sturdy corrugated boxes and delivered frozen. We supply uncut and pre-cut cakes. All our traybakes and traycakes are pre-portioned (not just scored) and come in zip lock bags, in cardboard trays and then packed in a sturdy corrugated box. See product pages for pack sizes.
  • Why do you freeze your products?
    Freezing our products preserves freshness and flavour. It also protects the delicate nature of our bakes during delivery, ensuring a perfect product reaches you every time. We have done numerous tests and freezing cakes does not affect the quality. Receiving frozen products also allows you display what you think you will sell in a day, reducing wastage, doing your bit for the environment and saving the pennies.
  • How should my cakes and traybakes be stored?
    This information can be found on the box that your cakes arrive in. You can also request product specifications from us that include all these details. As a general rule, cakes and traybakes should be stored in a cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources. Unless specified, do not store your cakes uncovered or in the fridge as this will dry them out and reduce the shelf life.
  • What certifications and memberships do Truly Treats hold?
    We've held SALSA Accreditation (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) since 2017. You can be assured that all products are manufactured with food hygiene and safety at the forefront of our operation. We are also members of Food & Drink Devon and Taste of the West. You can be confident you're buying from a quality supplier.
  • Where can I find out what ingredients you use?
    This information can also be found on the box that your cakes are delivered in and in our product specifications. Please contact us if you need this information.
  • How big are your cakes?
    Our large cakes are 10” diameter. Our cupcakes are baked in cases that are 51mm x 38mm. Traybakes vary in size. Information of their dimensions can be found on the product pages.
  • Do your cakes contain nuts?
    We do use nuts in our bakery. We cannot guarantee that any of our products are entirely nut free, but we do have a strict allergen policy within the bakery, as per the SALSA standard.
  • Do you make gluten free cakes?
    Unfortunately this is not something we do. We do not have a separate production area for gluten free products but we do make a few products that don't contain gluten.
  • Are your cakes suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
    Most products in our range are suitable for vegetarians. New for 2022 is our vegan range. Head over to the Vegan page of the website to read more. Please call us for more details.
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