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Sweet and sticky! Delicious sticky toffee sponge, toffee buttercream and swirled with toffee sauce. Finished off with a band fudge pieces.


How big?

10" round (uncut)


Recommended number of portions?

12 - 16


Life of frozen cake?

12 months


Life out the freezer?

7 days


Allergen info:

Contains gluten, egg, milk, soya & sulphites. Suitable for vegetarians.

Contact us if you would like more information on ingredients used.

Triple Toffee Cake

What Makes This Cake So Special?

- Delicious hot or cold, can double up as a dessert


- The perfect cake for all those with a sweet tooth


- Think sticky toffee pudding with a buttercream topping


- Handmade toffee sauce, this is a good choice for all you sweet people out there

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