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It is our policy and commitment to provide our customers with a range of safe and legal products to meet their expectations, requirements and all current EC and UK legislation offering the highest quality and value for money.

We recognise that the continued success of the company depends on the supply of competitive products to meet our customers’ demands. Consequently the quality of our products must be of the highest possible standards made by a fully trained and motivated workforce under the control of our HACCP based manufacturing standards.

The company recognises that our success can only be achieved through the support and endeavour of our team, so therefore investing in the training of team members when required. To that extent Truly Treats Ltd, will ensure that the control of Safety, Quality and Legality of the manufactured products will have the correct team and experience to ensure it happens.

The directors and senior management are committed to continually improving and reviewing the safety and quality systems.





The Directors at Truly Treats Ltd demonstrates its commitment to the implementation of the requirements of the Global Standard for Food Safety by communication and continual assessment of procedures throughout the Quality Manual.

The Directors provide the human and financial resources required to implement and improve the processes of the quality management system and the food safety plan.

Quality and food safety issues will be collated at a managers meeting and relayed to the relevant team members through the organisation via, email, memos, team meetings and notice board, depending on the severity and nature of information being relayed.

An annual meeting of managers will be held to review this and the previous twelve months trading information. The meeting will look at and discuss how the company has faired in all areas of trade / production / safety over the previous year, with emphasis on future corrective and reduction strategies.

The company’s future development will also be discussed, looking at an implementation for growth, covering Truly Treats Ltd and customers, using innovation and new product development. These steps are taken to exceed customer’s needs and wants whilst maintaining all relevant legal regulatory requirements.

To this end the Management has established the Quality Policy and objectives, which includes management reviews that are undertaken at a frequency determined by the Managing Director. It also ensures that the resources needed to provide quality and safe products are available as and when required.

Our quality and food safety objectives are regularly monitored and reviewed. In order to demonstrate our achievement, Truly Treats Ltd will carry out continuous measures of performance.

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